Activating you Oakwood ZOOM account

Go to

Click the "Sign in" button

This will take you to the Oakwood Single-Sign-On (SSO) page


After you login using SSO, you'll be taken to your new ZOOM account page



In the upper RIGHT corner, you'll see 3 "meeting" options. Feel free to play around with the options, but you will mainly be choosing to SCHEDULE A MEETING and then putting the meeting information into an Outlook invite (either a calendar event or an e-mail to your participants). 


The next screen the comes up has LOTS of information, but the quick thing to do is click to "COPY the Invitation" - then you can paste this in your calendar invite or e-mail to the participants. 

Click to "Copy the Meeting Invitation" one more time and it's will be on your clipboard until you PASTE it into Outlook. 

While you CAN do everything from the website, go to to get the App for your computer.