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Case. Promotion dating app on Google Play

The most pleasant burning feeling when a simple application optimization 4 times increases the amount of organic traffic.

application promotion

The application for 2 months has grown from 13.7 to 52.4 thousand new users per month due to organic traffic within Google Play. The case describes the sequence of our actions.

application promotion - traffic growth

Application Topics: Dating.

The main regions are the CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan) and the USA.

The application is not new.

For ASO (App Search Optimization), we selected indicators that characterize the visibility of a mobile application in the Google Play store.

These are app page views on Google Play and keyword positions. Data on page views can be seen in the developer's office.


By optimizing the descriptions and graphics for publication:

bring the application to the top 1 for the query “dating site” and “dating sites”;

increase page views with the application for the region of Russia;

Boost page views for the US region.

Results after 2 months:

The application is in the top 1 at the request of “dating site” and “dating sites”.

173 thousand page visitors per month (49 thousand before optimization).


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