Financing Oakwood

To find out how much Oakwood University will cost for you, click the "Calculate My Cost" link below.

New Student Handouts

Undergraduate Process for Intl Admissions - this will serve as a guide to assist you with completing all of the steps in the Enrollment proceses.

Affidavit of Support - please fill out this form to show how you will financially support your $30,000.00USD tuition. This form should be used if you are sponsoring yourself or if your sponsor is not a US Citizen. If your sponsor is a US Citizen, please have them submit the I-134 form. 

Personal Surety Deposit - your enrollment deposit must be submitted to the cashier prior to selecting classes. 

SEVIS Transfer Clearance Form - International students currently studying in the states must have their SEVIS record transferred to Oakwood University. Please submit this form.


Undergraduate Process for Intl Admissions.pdfAffidavit Combo.pdf i-134instr.pdf i-134.pdf Personal Surety Deposit.pdf SEVIS Transfer Clearance Form.pdf