Whether your goal is a job promotion, a whole new career, or simply personal growth, having a college degree  can make a real difference. Trying to carve out time to attend school, though, while maintaining family and  career commitments can be difficult if not impossible for many adults.

Oakwood University’s LEAP Adult Degree Completion Program is designed to help adults who are employed  full time to complete their degrees while continuing to work. LEAP students can earn a bachelor’s degree in  Organizational Management, Psychology, Church Leadership, Information Technology, or General Studies.  Classes are available year round and meet one night a week or are taught partially online. All degrees are  designed to be completed in approximately 18-24 months and students with 65 credits or more can generally  finish in that timeframe; however, students with as few as 30 credits can be accepted. In addition to convenient  evening classes, the program provides opportunities for personal and professional development in small group  settings and in an adult-learner environment.